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The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, better known as the food stamp program, is intended to help low-income families put food on the table, but ove...

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FDC TWA First Global Flight- Postmark Acana Guam Aug 3, 69 - to Zurich Switzerla,1937 FIRST FLIGHT GUAM TO MACAO-FAM 14-TRANS-PACIFIC-APR 27-1937,571 572 1935 to Guam first flight west of China Clipper,Guam 6c DC-4 Skymaster and 20c Prexie 1948 Guam, Guam Registered Airmail to U.S.,Guam 5c Monroe Prexie 1944 U.S. Navy 27th Marines, Guam to New Zealand,Guam 1947 20c Prexie New York, N.Y. 13894 Br. Joint Communication Activity,Guam 20c Clipper (2) 1937 San Francisco Pan Am First Flight Interim Leg to Guam,Guam 25c Clipper (4) 1936 Guam, Guam Double Trans Pacific Air to San Francisco,Guam 10c Map 1941 Guam, Guam Trans Pacific Airmail to Manila, Philippines.,Guam 10c Map (2) 1941 Guam, Guam Airmail via Trans Pacific Clipper to Hawaii,Guam 3c 4-H with 30c Roosevelt Prexie 1952 Agana, Guam, Sinjana Sta. Registered ,1ST TRANS-PACIFIC FLT.FAM14-1B SAN FRANCISCO-GUAM NOV 22,1935 ULTRA SHOWPIECE,drbobstamps GUAM Scott #12 NO GUM Stamp Cat $350,drbobstamps GUAM Scott #2 & #8 ON PIECE Stamp Cat $80++,drbobstamps GUAM Scott #11a NO GUM Stamp Cat $550,C20 FDC 20c TRANS-PACIFIC AND FIRSTFLIGHT SAN FRANCISCO TO GUAM #10 SLIT TOP,

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