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The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, better known as the food stamp program, is intended to help low-income families put food on the table, but ove...

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US #F14-1b San Francisco CA to Guam, 1935, 1st flight,Guam to NY NY, no stamps, 1941,US stamp cancelled in Agana Guam, 1976,US stamp cancelled in Guam,US stamp cancelled in Guam, contents,dual country franking, US & Guam,San Francisco CA to Chicago IL via Guam, 1937,F14-32, San Francisco to steubenville OH via Honolulu, Guam & Calcutta India,FAM 14-2a, Honolulu to Guam then Columbus Ohio, 1935,1935 T.O. #1243b ROUND TRIP FROM OCT 5-24 SAN FRAN-GUAM-SAN FRAN, CACHETED,1935 T.O. #1243b ROUND TRIP FROM OCT 5-24 SAN FRAN TO GUAM TO SAN FRAN. CACHETED,1976 GUAM UNUSED XMAS CACHETED ENV BY 15 YR OLD KUN HO RHEE, BARRIGADA JR. HS,CAPT. MUSICK SIGNED 1935 PANAM FAM14-1b FLIGHT COVER CHINA CLIPPER SAN FRAN/GUAM,SIGNED CAPT. MUSICK 1935 PANAM FAM-14 FLIGHT COVER CHINA CLIPPER GUAM TO MANILA,US Guam to Manila first flight cover 1937 KL1025,GUAM Cancel on 809 PREXIE - SUPERB - BLOCK of 4 - WoW !!,

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