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The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, better known as the food stamp program, is intended to help low-income families put food on the table, but ove...

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FAM F14-12; Guam to Hong Kong, Ioor Red and Blue Map Cachet, 4/27/37, Reproductions of Guam 10, 11, 12, 13 *Fake 027 ,US Stamp Sheet Airmail Scott # C143 Hagatna Bay, Guam 90 cent x 20 FV=$18.00,AGANA LOCAL PRECANCEL,GUAM,UNITED STATES TERRITORY,NHM,INDIA 1948 CALCUTTA/GUAM FFC,~ US GUAM Scott #12 XF Mint OG Stamp With PF Cert Beauty ~,MPO GUAM LOCAL PRECANCEL,UNITED STATES POSSESSIONS,GU,TT,VFM,USA GUAM/MAILA PHILIPINES AP 27 1937 FFC,CHINA CLIPPER, FIRST FLIGHT, SAN FRANCISCO - GUAM,CHINA CLIPPER, FIRST FLIGHT, SAN FRANCISCO - GUAM,WWII US Army Censor cover Guam Marianas Engineers APO 246 cancel 1944,US / GUAM STAMP SC #11 NH CV $700.00,US / GUAM STAMP SC #11 HINGED CV $350.00 Very Fine,US / GUAM STAMP SC #10 NH CV $300.00 GEM,US / GUAM STAMP SC #7 NH CV $125.00+ Very Fine,US / GUAM STAMP SC #11 USED CV $400.00 Fine,

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